Tim Goeglein, Aide To President Bush, Admits To Plagiarism


**UPDATE** Bush aide resigns over plagiarism offense, the AP reports.

The Journal Gazette of Indiana reports that President Bush's aide, Tim Goeglein, admitted to plagiarism. Blogger Nancy Nall wrote about the plagiarism on her blog first.

A Fort Wayne native and White House official acknowledged Friday he copied large portions of an essay that appeared in a Dartmouth College publication and presented them as his own in a News-Sentinel column.

"It is true," Tim Goeglein wrote to The Journal Gazette in an email. "I am entirely at fault. It was wrong of me. There are no excuses."

Tim Goeglein has been referred to by The New York Times as "Bush's eyes and ears on the right" and "Mr. Rove's legman on the right." His job is to "make sure conservatives are happy, in the loop and getting their best ideas before the president and turned into laws."

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