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Tim Gunn: Hillary Clinton Is Confused About Her Gender (VIDEO)

Last night George Lopez hosted Tim Gunn on his show (who comes up with these pairings?) and asked him loads of questions about bad fashion. Playing his snarky part, the "Project Runway" host threw out a plethora of barbs aimed at victims both expected (e.g. Snooki) and unexpected, namely Hillary Clinton.

Lopez brings up her name, asking Gunn for his opinion on female politicians' style. After speaking at length on that fact that Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are actually one person, Gunn launches into a diatribe against the Secretary of State for her beloved pantsuits.

The highlight:

"WHY must she dress that way? I think she's confused about her gender."

Audible gasp by the audience.

Lopez doesn't do much to help with his follow-up question:

"But how can someone hide cankles?"

Cue second audience gasp.

These men are as catty as a couple of Housewives (whose style they also deride). But it should come as no surprise: as an acid-tongued TV personality, Gunn has been singing the same tune for several years. He first dropped the line about Clinton's "gender confusion" on Conan O'Brien's show back in 2008.


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