Tim Gunn: I Think The Kardashians Have An Absence Of Taste

Tim Gunn recently talked to MSN's WonderWall about the ever-expanding world of celebrity fashion. When told about Jersey Shore's JWoww's upcoming clothing line, Gunn called it "preposterous." And he had some equally harsh words for the Kardashians:

WW: Are you a supporter of the Kardashians' line with Bebe?
TG: No! I just think the Kardashians have an absence of taste and I don't think that that should be perpetuated. I'm sorry I'm sounding like an old farty snob but it bothers me.

WW: You sound like somebody who's telling the truth.
TG: I will say in general with celebrity labels, with the understanding that they're not actually designing them, but you hope in a way that they're not overseeing them either. I'm all in favor of anything that employs young designers.