Tim Gunn On <i>A Daily Show</i>: We Feel A Lot Of Love

Tim Gunn On: We Feel A Lot Of Love

We know that we're a little late to the game with this one, but for these two, we'll do anything. We all love Jon Stewart, so it was especially fabulous to see him with one of our other favorite human beings, Tim Gunn. What both of these men have in common is that that they seem to be sane voices pointing out the ridiculous and tasteless with good humor and impressive vocabularies.

Not only do we love them, we were particularly please with how Mr. Gunn laid it down on fashion:

"I'm the first to encapsulate this realistically. Nobody needs it. We need clothes, do we need fashion? No. And fashion, when it's good, comes out of a context that's societal and cultural and historic and economic and political -- so it's of a time and a place."

Yes! This, besides our belief that fashion can be fun and informative and artistic, is a reflection of everything that goes on around us. We react to Mr. Gunn just as Mr. Stewart does: "Why isn't everyone as reasonable as you, as a human being?"

We feel the love. And, we're reminded of how much we miss Mr. Gunn's podcasts (thought we're loving his blog)! Oh, bring them back! BRING THEM BACK!

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