Tim Hasselbeck Says Quarterbacks Can't Stand Breast Cancer Awareness Balls

In order to promote breast cancer awareness, the National Football League decided to feature pink ribbons on coaches and players throughout the month of October. Special game balls have also been made with pink ribbons on them -- but one NFL analyst is not a fan.

Former quarterback Tim Hasselbeck said on ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike in the Morning" that other quarterbacks in the league have told him that the balls have negatively affected the games.

"They're playing with these breast cancer awareness balls. These balls are brand new, right out of the bag," Hasselbeck explained. "Now they get slick -- I texted a couple quarterbacks during the game. They all said, 'These balls have been a disaster.' So I think that's something to note."

According to ProFootballTalk, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello rejected the criticism and said that the balls are no different from standard NFL footballs used during other weeks.

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