Tim Heidecker In 'The Comedy': That Mortifying 'Represent Williamsburg' Scene, Explained (VIDEO, EXCLUSIVE)

When last we saw a clip of Tim Heidecker in the controversial cringefest that is his new movie, "The Comedy," he was repping his hooooood, Williamsburg, in the worst way possible: drunk, boorishly, and to a bar full of black men who weren't exactly amused.

In The Huffington Post's second exclusive clip from the most walked-out film of Sundance 2012, we get the scoop on how that delicately unbalanced vignette came to be. Writer and director Rick Alverson and Heidecker provide the commentary, explaining that they went for real people as actors, and real PBR in Heidecker's bloodstream, details that make the captured exchange actually seem tenser than the scene that came out of it.

"The Comedy" releases on demand nationwide today, two days before Heidecker hosts his first solo "Ask Me Anything" chat on Reddit. (This time, he's appearing without Eric Wareheim, his partner in surrealist comedy on Adult Swims' "The Tim And Eric: Awesome Show).

Take a look at the clip below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

WATCH the original version of Heidecker's gaffe in "The Comedy" below:

For more information on the film, head to its TribecaFilm profile or the movie's Facebook page.