Tim Heidecker's Titanic Song Beats Bob Dylan To The Punch (VIDEO)

When Tim Heidecker heard the rumor that Bob Dylan was recording a 14-minute song about the Titanic, he just knew he had to beat him to the punch. Why? Who knows, but the result is the nearly 15-minute song above.

Sung in the style of Bob Dylan, Heidecker posted the song and accompanying video about the Titanic on his Tumblr with the promise of "a nice suprise" toward the end of the song. At first it seemed like that was just a ploy to get us to listen to the entire thing, but after getting through it, we can guess that the surprise comes around nine minutes in, when the subject matter of the song takes a hard right turn toward 90s nostalgia.

You can listen to the full song in the video above or buy it here for 99 cents. Or, if you just can't bring yourself to listen to a quarter-of-an-hour's worth of Titanic history in song form, check out much shorter audio clip below:

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