A Definitive Guide To The Best Tim Kaine Dad Jokes Twitter Has To Offer

Tim Kaine is not angry that we spent two hours looking for Tim Kaine dad jokes today ... just disappointed.

The internet has decided this year that Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) is basically the human embodiment of a dad joke ― and Kaine, like any good dad, is embracing the role.

He’s goofy. He has a perfect dad bod. He even carries not one, not two, but four harmonicas with him, because Tim Kaine is seriously considering putting together a Blues Traveler cover band and, folks, you just never know.

Admittedly, that joke is not that funny, but we’ve scoured the internet looking for Tim Kaine dad jokes that are. (Never have we taken our gatekeeper responsibilities more seriously.)

We will note that HuffPost Hill once dubbed Tim Kaine the “tambourine guy from the neighborhood dad band,” which is almost too on the nose. (You can, and should, subscribe to HuffPost Hill here.)

Anyway, here’s the best Twitter has to offer:

(Believe it or not, Alexandra Petri saved her best Tim Kaine dad jokes for this Washington Post piece.)

Sara Benincasa has a whole book of Tim Kaine dad jokes, but she’s also made some choice contributions on Twitter:

And because I’m making this list ― and because touting your own dad jokes is a very dad joke-y thing to do ― I have also made some Tim Kaine dad jokes:

Please cut Tim Kaine a break, though, okay? He knows it’s all in fun, but he has a breaking point, too.

Alright, kiddo, now let’s go get an ice cream. My treat.