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Twitter Is Getting To Know Tim Kaine In The Most Superficial Way Ever

Because we are only human.

When Hillary Clinton announced Tim Kaine as her candidate for vice president, the news was met with a collective “who?”

Then, almost suddenly, that collective ignorance evolved as Twitter began to learn more about the mysterious senator from Virginia. First, people noticed he was white:

Then, Twitter started on the path toward acceptance (i.e., comparing him to the endearing “Parks & Recreation” character Garry “Jerry”/”Larry”/”Lenny”/”Terry”/”Barry”/”Gerry” Gergich “Gengurch”/”Girgich”), who was coincidentally played by another Tim (O’Heir):

And then Twitter gave Kaine even more approval ― ultimate dad status:

Then Twitter observed Kaine’s left eyebrow has a tendency to be excited:

But it was during his speech Wednesday night that Twitter had a full on lust fit for Kaine, once people discovered on Google that Kaine had a period of life when he was young, and that during this younger time he had a symmetrical face that some would call hot:

So from “who is Tim Kaine?” to “oh he looks boring,” to Jerry Gergich, your dad and, finally, “that guy is definitely Henry Caville,” we have judged Kaine solely on his appearance.

It has been a response wholly different than from what Bill Clinton received during his speech the night before (a speech on getting to know the “real Hillary”). And that’s to be expected ― people already know Clinton on a deeper level.

Hopefully Kaine will stick around to become more than just a Jerry Gergich in the annals of politics. And maybe, as the election goes on, we will scrutinize his ideology and history as hard as we have done his face.