Tim McGraw On Dropping Out Of School And Selling Everything To Start A Music Career (VIDEO)

Country music star Tim McGraw was in college when he picked up his first guitar and learned how to play. Instantly, he was hooked. It didn't take long before McGraw was itching to move to Nashville -- which meant dropping out of school.

In his upcoming "Oprah's Master Class" interview, he shares how his mom reacted to his plan. "She told me that she was surprised that I hadn't done it sooner," McGraw says in the above video.

To get to Nashville, he sold everything he'd acquired while growing up in Louisiana. "I sold water skis and shotguns and just everything that I had," he says.

McGraw was ready to throw himself into music, and wasn't hedging his bets. "I got on a Greyhound bus and got to Nashville at 4 in the morning," he says. "Never looked back."

"I knew that I wanted to do this no matter what happened. If I was going to be playing in a club and barely making my rent or if I was going to be you know playing in front of 100,000 people, I didn't care," McGraw says. "I was going to be playing music."

"Oprah's Master Class" with Tim McGraw airs Sunday, June 8 at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.



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