‘Wow’: Ex-RNC Spokesperson Shocks MSNBC Anchor With Trump’s Biggest Vulnerability

Former GOP operative Tim Miller surprised Alex Wagner with his prediction for the 2024 presidential contest.

A former Republican Party operative is predicting that certain weaknesses — and one surprising flaw in particular — may cost Donald Trump his chance to reclaim the White House in 2024.

Trump’s “success efficacy” on issues like immigration could play some role in whether he can snag the GOP’s presidential nomination, said Tim Miller, a onetime Republican National Committee spokesperson, during a Friday appearance on MSNBC.

But Trump’s push to develop a coronavirus vaccine, and his acceptance of COVID-19 mitigation measures such as lockdowns in the early months of the pandemic, may make him “most vulnerable,” Miller told anchor Alex Wagner.

“He could get positioned as, ‘Oh you went in with the establishment, with the medical establishment, and the elites, when [Florida Republican Gov.] Ron DeSantis ... zagged the other direction and listened to the people,’” said Miller.

The prediction stunned Wagner.

“Wow,” she responded. “Wow. From the man who was advocating hydroxychloroquine [for off-label use], he’s now too mainstream for the GOP.”

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