Pawlenty Gets Glitter-Bombed By Gay And Women's Rights Activists

Pawlenty Gets Glitter-Bombed By Gay And Women's Rights Activists

WASHINGTON -- First they targeted former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Now the glitterati have struck former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, in hopes of drawing attention to his opposition to the policy priorities of both gay and women's rights advocates.

On Thursday, representatives from the groups Reproductive Rights and CODEPINK showered Pawlenty with sparkly pink confetti at a book signing for his memoir, "Courage to Stand, held at a private health insurance conference he attended, for a fee, in San Francisco. The activists demanded "courage" from the Republican presidential candidate on both reproductive rights and LGBT issues.

While Pawlenty is the second presidential-hopeful to fall victim to this stunt, it's telling that the groups that pulled it were not behind Gingrich's glittering as well. It was Nick Espinosa, a lone political activist, who glitter-bombed Gingrich, and he used different colored glitter.

Perhaps it's not a trend yet, but by the time the third Republican presidential candidate suffers this fate -- and that now seems destined to happen -- it will be.

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