Rep. Tim Ryan: Mindfulness Helps Me Maintain A Connection To My Values During Conflict (VIDEO)

Achieving a state of mindfulness is the perfect way to stay grounded in a moment of conflict, and no one knows that better than a politician mired in the gridlock of Washington.

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) joined HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd to share how he stays rooted in the present moment during intense experiences with constituents and other politicians.

"It's easy to be good when times are good. Sometimes it's harder to maintain a connection to your values and your integrity when times are tough or when someone's in your face," Ryan said. "[Mindfulness] has helped me stay calm in those situations, stay respectful in those situations, be compassionate and empathetic to the extent you can be in those situations, because you've taught yourself how to de-escalate your own emotional state."

Check out the full conversation about mindful leadership at HuffPost Live HERE.

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