Try This The Next Time Life Brings You Down

Motivational speaker and Hollywood life coach Tim Storey was 10 years old when his father passed away, turning his world upside down. Everything felt different and suddenly out of sync, he says. It was a tragedy that could have "knocked the shout out of me," as Storey puts it. Instead, he was able to find his path and fill the void in his life, becoming an ordained minister and author of nine motivational books, including his most recent, Comeback & Beyond.

In the above video from his "Super Soul Sunday" interview, Storey explains why it's so important that we never lose our "shout."

As children, Storey says we naturally have the volume of life turned up. "Parents always go, 'Shhh," he says. "Because kids, there's a volume to life."

When we experience our first challenge or setback, things begin to change. "The scriptures say that disappointment can make you heartsick. Well, that's bad because the heart is the center. It's your core," Storey says. "Joy comes from the heart. Peace. Faith. So when you're disappointed and your heart is sick, it can take away your shout. So life can knock the shout out of you."

But there are ways, Storey says, to get your shout back.

"When life tries to take me down to a whisper, just shout on purpose," he says. "Just intentionally shout."

You can do it anywhere, anytime. "Sometimes, I'm driving on the freeway and I'll just think about things that are going right. So it's not always a verbal shout. It's an inward shout of choosing to say, 'Hey, this is something to shout about. I'm still alive.'"

No matter what, Storey says we can find a reason to shout. "A lot of people like to complain about their age. 'I'm already 52 or 71 or 93.' Hey, that's something to shout about!" he says.

Storey says we should have a little "shout moment" every day. "And just remember, thank God we're still alive," he says.

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