The Simple Way To Know If You're On The Right Path (VIDEO)

Motivational speaker and author Tim Storey is known as a "pastor to the stars." In 1992, he founded a small Bible study in the home of Hollywood actress Dyan Cannon. What began as an intimate group has now grown to a massive gathering known as "The Study," where people line up to hear his powerful messages. His calling in life, he says, is to inspire others to reach their full potential. Celebrities like Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Robert Downey Jr. and Kanye West have all sought Storey out as a life coach.

In the above clip from his upcoming interview with Oprah on "Super Soul Sunday," Storey explains the simple way to know if you're where you're supposed to be in life.

"How do you know, Tim, when you're on the right path?" Oprah asks.

"I believe that there is an innate peace that comes that, even if there's turmoil around you, there's a peace inside of you," he says. "There's a peace that says, 'This is where you're supposed to be.' In other words, you're going to be OK."

If you're not on the right path, Storey says it's never too late to find it. On Sunday, he sits down with Oprah for a conversation about finding a deeper meaning in life and manifesting your dreams at any age.

"Super Soul Sunday" airs Sunday, April 5 at 11 a.m. ET. You can also join the worldwide simulcast on Oprah.com/supersoulsunday or Facebook.com/supersoulsunday.



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