Tim Tadder's 'Water Wigs' Are Back...For Women! (PHOTOS)

It seems like just yesterday we were discovering Tim Tadder's hilarious "Water Wigs" series and searching for the nearest razor and water balloon to recreate the look ourselves.

water wigs women

We can barely describe the emotions rendered by the magical combo of bald men and water balloons combining for a single moment of joy in the shape of a rockin' mohawk or stately coiffure. But there was one thing missing... where were all the ladies?

Well, readers, you can sleep again. Tadder is back with a collection of fearless females who work their water balloons with a fierceness we rarely see on the runways. Honestly, how are they making their water wigs look so elegant?

In a previous interview with the Huffington Post, Tadder explained the art of making water look solid:

"We used long skinny balloons to create the shapes; we would place them on the subjects' heads and pop them from areas where you could not see the balloon (ie. the parts hidden off frame or behind them.) So actually there are two methods happening, one throwing balloons to create the explosions and placing the balloons on the heads and popping them out of view of the camera."

What do you think, readers? Are water wigs the must-have look for winter? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Water Wigs