Tim Tebow Topped Bing's 2013 Athlete Search List As Fans Wonder About His Girlfriend, NFL Future

Unable to watch him on the football field in 2013, fans of Tim Tebow went to the web to find him. Despite not playing in a professional football game in 2013, Tim tebow was the most searched for athlete this year by people who used search engine Bing.

The search engine revealed its year-end, most-searched persons lists earlier this week and the out-of-work quarterback ranked ahead of Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods and LeBron James, all of whom ranked among the 10 most searched athletes, when it came to 2013 queries.

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By way of the auto-fill feature on the search query box at, here is a look at some of the searches involving Tebow.

tebow searches

Tebow began 2013 on the roster of the New York Jets but was released in April after a disappointing season. He was then scooped up by the New England Patriots in June. To the regret of Tebow's fans, his stint in New England lasted only into August.