Tim Tebow Debate: Bill Cosby Defends Tim Tebow, Broncos On YouTube (VIDEO)

It seems like everybody is getting in on the "Great Tebow Debate" these days -- from retired NFL quarterbacks, to pop culture essayist Chuck Klosterman and now comedy legend Bill Cosby.

"Denver, we're old friends," Cosby said in a recent YouTube video announcing an upcoming comedy show he's doing in Denver in March 31st. But it's not just comedy Cosby talks about, he also comes to Tebow's defense.

Unsure about what the weather will be like come March in Denver, Cosby starts out jokingly, "call Tim Tebow and ask him for a great day."

"I like the way that team plays football," Cosby says in all seriousness about the Denver Broncos, "and all these people that don't understand it, tell them 'come on and beat them.'"

Cosby then says specifically about Tebow, "Tell Tim I said, don't worry about what all these people are saying about him, just look at old films of Joe Kapp, Minnesota Vikings."

Kapp, a former champion quarterback from the 60s and 70s who holds the unique distinction of being the only quarterback to play in the Super Bowl, Rose Bowl and Grey Cup. Kapp was known as a tough player who could take a hit and was a great leader, two qualities that fans also love about Tebow.