Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos Quarterback And Focus On The Family Spokesperson, Kisses Demaryius Thomas

WATCH: Denver Broncos Quarterback And Focus On The Family Spokesman Plants Gay Kiss On Teammate

Although Tim Tebow filmed a Superbowl commercial in 2010 for the anti-gay, anti-abortion organization Focus On The Family (FOTF), he seems to have no problem sharing a male-on-male lip-lock in front of thousands (millions?) of onlookers.

On Sunday, the Denver Broncos quarterback kissed Demaryius Thomas after Thomas caught a touchdown pass. The Broncos went on to beat the Dolphins 18-15.

Towleroad noted that this wasn't the first time Tebow, who has been referred to as the "Bieber of Football," shared a same-sex kiss on the field: Tebow was pecked by University of Florida teammate Tony Joiner a few years ago.

Tebow's feelings about homosexuality and gay marriage remain unclear. This summer, when asked about gay marriage by The Washington Post, his publicist jumped in and rejected the question. But, considering his ties to FOTF, he's probably not about to announce he's coming out of the closet (or would support those who have) -- but who knows?

Still, if an NFL quarterback and card-carrying member of FOTF wants to go around very publicly kissing other men on the mouth, we're OK with that.

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