Tim Tebow Has Best-Selling Rookie Jersey

When Josh McDaniels and the Denver Broncos shocked the world by taking Tim Tebow in the first round of last week's NFL draft, many questioned the football wisdom of using such a high pick on a quarterback with a slow release who played in an unorthodox offense at Florida.

One aspect of the pick that was not questioned was the team's ability to market Tebow, a charismatic former Heisman Trophy winner and devout Christian who has done missionary work around the world.

Before the draft, the Davie-Brown Index, an independent marketing research tool, predicted that Tebow would be more appealing to advertisers than New England's Tom Brady, Minnesota's Brett Favre and Dallas' Tony Romo.

Less than a week after being taken in the first round, Tebow is already paying dividends for the Broncos.

Despite being the 25th pick, Tebow's jersey has sold more than any other rookie, according to a source at the NFL's PR department.

Time will tell whether Tebow actually contributes to the Broncos on the field, but the team has to be happy with the way he's put the franchise back on the map.