Tim Tebow On The Bachelor? Broncos QB Says Don't Hold Your Breath

Tebow Gives His Answer To The "Bachelor"

It looks like one person who won't be Tebowing--rose in hand--on The Bachelor is Tim Tebow. And in case you're wondering, he also won't be appearing on "Dancing With the Stars."

Though Chris Harrison, the show's host, told "Access Hollywood Live" on Monday he'd asked Tebow if he'd like to be the show's next "Bachelor," the football star tweeted yesterday he won't be accepting the offer. Tebow added the hashtag #JessePalmer to his tweet, referencing the former Giants quarterback's appearance on the show in 2004:

Palmer and his chosen one, Jessica Bowlin, broke up after spending less than a year together, according to MSNBC. Last year Palmer told Parade Magazine the show was a "fantasy" and that he "wouldn't do it a second time."

"They always say yes, but it never happens," Harrison said on The Hollywood Gossip. "[Tebow] did say yes ... but he would never do it. He has a little job called quarterback for at least another year."

For the time being at least, fans will have to satisfy their Tebowmania on the field and in reports of his philanthropic endeavors.

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