Tim Tebow Reads 'Green Eggs And Ham' By Dr. Seuss For BOOK IT! Reading Program (VIDEO)

Starting Wednesday and until Feb. 22, viewers can watch Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow read the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs And Ham to promote reading for kids. Tebow is participating in the BOOK IT! Reading Program sponsored by Pizza Hut which helps motivate children to read more and develop a lifelong love of reading, according to the BOOK IT! Program website.

In an interview with BOOK IT!, Tebow talks about why he selected Green Eggs And Ham -- a choice he made specifically, "Pretty much how I learned to read was with Green Eggs And Ham. There were a few others that I loved, but Green Eggs And Ham was definitely my favorite."

Tebow also talks about his early struggles with reading, "I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was a little boy and so finding ways to overcome that and finding ways to really enjoy reading and finding ways that I can process things -- because it has nothing to do with your intelligence, it just has to do with how you process things -- for me books like Green Eggs And Ham really helped me to overcome those obstacles."

As a gesture of thanks to Tebow's participation in the program, BOOK IT! says it will make a donation to the Tebow's own charity organization: the Tim Tebow Foundation.

WATCH the complete video above or watch it at the BOOK IT! website which has more information about BOOK IT!, "America's Biggest Storytime" and a special interview with Tim Tebow himself.