Tim Tebow Responds To Rumors He's Dating Katy Perry

Katy Perry might want to see Tim Tebow's "peacock" but the two are not an item, according to the Denver Broncos quarterback.

The unlikely pair has Perry's mother, Mary Hudson, to thank for the helpful suggestion that Perry should date the pious football player. The 27-year-old singer helped fuel rumors when she dedicated the double-entendre-heavy song "Peacock" to Tebow during a pre-Super Bowl performance.

While Perry seemed game to play up the joke, Tebow has been more straightforward about the rumors. On Monday, the 24-year-old met with 100 children at the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in south Los Angeles, to promote reading and share the story of his struggle with dyslexia. During the question-and-answer portion of the appearence, one fan asked if he "has a thing" with Perry, reports E! News.

Tebow was amused by the question and laughed as he assured the children that he doesn't have a thing with Perry.

Perry isn't the only celebrity the quarterback has been linked to recently. Various reports claimed reality TV socialite Kim Kardashian was interested in getting her hands on Tebow, stating that she had a "huge crush" on him and had been attempting to make him her new man. The reports were totally unsubstantiated, and TMZ recently reported that Kardashian was swearing off dating football players in general.

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