Tim Tebow, New Jets Quarterback, Gets His Own Carnegie Deli Sandwich Called The 'Jetbow'

In his short NFL career New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has impressively led Gang Green to back-to-back AFC championship games. But his own sandwich at Carnegie Deli? That’s an honor reserved for newly minted Jets backup quarterback and megastar Tim Tebow.

The famous deli recently introduced the “Jetbow”, a monstrous, mouth-splitting meaty concoction with portions that would baffle even the most gluttonous football fan. The 3.5-pound sandwich has roast beef, pastrami, corned beef, American cheese, lettuce and tomato on white bread with mayonnaise. Carnegie Deli has also created sandwiches for New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony and renowned writer-director Woody Allen, among others.

"He's the poster boy for every parent and what they want their kids to be," owner Sandy Levine told ESPN. "Very religious, very clean-cut, an outstanding student, he does charity work. What more do you want as an athlete than him?"

The sandwich costs $22.22 -- a number derived from adding Tebow’s uniform number (15) to Sanchez’s uniform number (6) with $1.22 added for alliteration. If you’re able to finish one on your own without popping a button, Carnegie Deli will offer you another one free.

Although Jets owner Woody Johnson stands by Sanchez as their starting quarterback, it has already become apparent the kind of gravitational pull Tebow has with the New York media. According to a new marketing index, Tebow is one of the five most-coveted celebrity endorsements, a stunning achievement for a second-string quarterback. Based on sincerity, approachability and appearance, Tebow only falls behind Oprah Winfrey, Adele and Kate Middleton for marketability with a Nielsen/E-Poll Research’s N-Score of 180. Sanchez? His score was only 12.

Even if his wobbly spirals and frantic scrambles don’t make it onto the field at MetLife Stadium this year, one thing's for sure: Tebowmania is a force of nature -- and an extremely marketable one at that.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story attributed marketability scores to Davie-Brown. The stats come from Nielsen/E-Poll Research’s N-Score.

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