Timbaland On Aaliyah: Producer Says Only He Can Work With The Late Songstress, Not Chris Brown Or Drake

Diddy's Revolt TV released its latest clip of an extended interview with hip-hop producer Timbaland on Tuesday. The snippet has the 41-year-old music veteran blasting stars Chris Brown and Drake for their work with the late Aaliyah.

"In music, people always say 'I'm gonna do a song with Aaliyah.' It would never work," Timbaland said in the interview. "Chris Brown got a record, it won't work. Drake can go do a record with Aaliyah, it ain't gonna work. Aaliyah music only works with its soulmate, which is me."

This isn't the first time that Timbaland has spoken out against Drake's collaboration with Aaliyah. "I know they trying to drop some Aaliyah records, but if he do it, it should be with me and Missy," Timbaland said of Drake in 2012. "The proper way for him to do that would be for me, him and Missy to be all on the record. But to put it on his record, would just not be right."

Despite those feelings, Timbaland still respects Drake as a performer: "When Drake did 'Started from the Bottom,' it was a total different sound and Drake told me, he said, 'Man, I had to really battle with myself. I want to be the first person to change.' When he said that I was like, He’s going to be around for a long time," Timbaland remembered.

It wasn't all controversy and commentary during the Timbaland Revolt TV interview: Tim also discussed a new song called "Sinatra in the Sands," due out from Nas, Jay-Z, and Justin Timberlake. (Timbaland described it as simply "stupid.")

Watch Timbaland's latest interview clip above.

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