Don't Tell Us It Can't Be Done Campaign Spotlights China And Grenada (VIDEO)

There are so many pieces to the puzzle of what is happening at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. As countries come to the talks with different concerns and unique challenges there is much at stake.

These fantastic videos--created by Gabriel London of Found Object Films, in partnership with the UN Foundation, TckTckTck and Timberland's EarthKeeper Network, show what is at stake in these negotiations.

Huffington Post blogger and environmental journalist Olivia Zaleski reports.

The campaign encourages viewers to get involved by signing a petition urging leaders to take action in by setting emissions targets. You can sign the online petition at donttellusitcantbedone.com or go to the Earthkeepers website to join the discussion and stay informed through regular dispatches from Gabriel and Olivia.

Watch these dispatches about China and Grenada.

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