Time Ain't Money When All You Got is Time

Time Ain't Money When All You Got is Time
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I have never laughed so hard-- being cut this small in size.

Welcome to the world's best "reality check" calculator: compare your income, minute to minute, with someone like... say... the president of Exxon.

(You have to use their link, my graphic is only a jpg).

Enter your yearly or annual pay, press the magic button, and get ready to yell, "WHOA NELLY."

Instead of the video this site has blaring on the other side of their site, I wish they would broadcast an excerpt from that dynamite documentary, The Corporation. Have you seen it? It's superb. You watch that, and Fog of War, and there is really NOTHING left to discuss except your aching dropped jaw.

If you are keen on how to DO something to make the slightest difference in the broader inequities, I've recommend a book edited by my friend Jane Slaughter: The Troublemaker's Handbook. It's a practical handbook by people who have witnessed the worm turn in their place of work.

It doesn't have heroic feats performed by labor activists in the sex worker trade, but maybe in the next edition! The "Troublemakers" (love the t-shirt) show you how to research any corporation, organize an action instead of just bitching about it, and how to suit up to meet any dragon.

Don't mourn... be fabulous. And please let me know how many seconds it takes for Mr. Halliburton to make your yearly nut.

UPDATE: Blog guru Jorn Barger has turned me onto a FREE download of the entire Corporation documentary. What a gift!

MORE UPDATE: Devoted reader Kent has corrected me: "...The various socialist math brains in our office found that the calculator is slightly flawed. The calculation on the hourly rate is for a CEO who works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year-- a sloppy calculation at best, since I don't think CEO's work that much.

"For a 40 hour work week, the average CEO makes $15.09 per second,
$905.40 per minute and $54,324.00 per hour, which is significantly more dramatic than when it is calculated out with every second of every day.

"And, one more thing-- the average CEO would have made $18,108.00 in the work time we wasted figuring this out."

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