Time, Hope, and Stark Determination... March on... Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk, May 2, 2015 SF

It doesn't take a family member or friend to be a brain tumor survivor, or to know someone who has lost their life to this ugly disease, to help fight the fight or 'talk the walk and walk the talk.' But it definitely can make you pay attention and participate.

This story isn't about me. It does happen, however, that two close family members are brain tumor survivors and one sweet cousin gave a lifetime of love and lost his final fight two years ago. That, along with knowing the importance of supporting those in need, spurred me to participate this last weekend and witness over 2,200 persevering individuals, their friends, families, and compassion included, at the Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk (National Brain Tumor Society), held at Golden Gate Park May 2, 2015 in SF.

I, along with many, are proud to know that over $400,000 was raised on this walk (and there are many planned around the country) for the ongoing research and treatments for the cure for brain cancer and brain tumors. Thank you to all who participated and all who continue to donate and to help with this great cause (you can go on www.braintumor.org for donations and detailed information regarding participation in future events, and for support for this vital mission).

I dedicate this blog to not only those I know and have known, but to the thousands of people who have fought the fight or are fighting the fight, and/or continue to fight, one of the most plainly serious tumors that can exist: a brain tumor.

It is bad enough to have any type of tumor, malignant, benign, stunted, growing, gone or present; but it is especially significant when it affects the one organ that allows us not only to think, but is the basis of our life support and functions.

Some say the brain and its good health comes close, if not surpasses, another most important muscular organ: the heart. For sure, it gets ones attention when someone is told: 'you have a brain tumor." I know, (second) hand, that the heart moves to take first place as someone is told the brain is threatened.

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month: any help: communications, activities, compassion, caring, (which can take the form not only in donations, but also other ways: friendships, caretaking, supporting, encouraging, listening, researching, loving, dedications, commitments, and attitudes, to name a few) can help, and that help is so appreciated and beneficial to and by many: everything matters in this fight against time for those with brain tumors, and it is highlighted not only in the May brain tumor walks happening around the country this month, but also on an ongoing basis, for those in need.

Here are some of the images of the SF walk, along with their stories: