Time-Lapse Videos Of A Hyperrealist Master Will Make You Lose Your Damn Mind

Emmy Kalia has skills. And she wants to walk you through each and every one of them.

Emmy Kalia is a wildly talented pencil artist from Holland who can render a human face with such detail you’d swear she was working with a camera instead of the simplest materials and masterful skills.

For anyone out there who is still dubious that Kalia is making her works one line at a time, she’s brought proof. The artist uploads time-lapse videos of her meticulous process to YouTube, so you can watch her turn a blank piece of paper into the most realistic looking eyeball.

“I get my inspiration from everything I see,” the artist explained to the Dutch Magazine Kunstenaar. “This could be someone who stands next to me, nature or anything else outside. When I meet a person, I often look at the color and the shadows on the face or the hair. I realize then how I could draw it. Or I study a garment and remember how I can give good weather with pencil. In the same way I look at trees or the details of a flower.”

Whether you want to use the impressive videos as tutorials to get your own hyperrealist art practice off the ground or just zone out and watch as colors and shapes appear like magic before your eyes, we highly recommend taking a look.

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