Incredible Time-Lapse Video Shows The Raw Power Of A Microburst

Your umbrella will probably be useless in one of these.

It's called a wet microburst -- but when you see it on video like this, there's nothing "micro" about it.

This time-lapse footage captured by Tucson photographer Brian Snider shows a microburst absolutely unloading on an area near the city.

It seems as if a giant nozzle has been turned on in the sky, sending a blast of water straight down, which then quickly fans out.

"Notice how the ball of rain falls from the sky and starts separating before hitting the ground," wrote Snider. "Once it hits the ground you can see the power of microburst as it expands similar to the ripple you would see when you drop a stone in water."

While the video contains a slow-motion section highlighting the microburst, Snider also posted a complete slow-motion version here.

And for more incredible weather footage, check out his Vimeo page.

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