Time Magazine Cover Shows Storm Brewing For Donald Trump

"Nothing to see here."

Time magazine is marking President Donald Trump’s first month in office with a cover story about the mounting chaos in the White House.

This week’s cover shows Trump sitting in the Oval Office, with dark clouds gathering overhead and winds blowing his hair and signature long tie askew.

Trump’s first few weeks in office have been marred by trouble, from the disastrous rollout of his executive order banning refugees and travelers from several Muslim-majority countries, to his abrupt switch Wednesday on the United States’ longtime approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

A wave of leaks from the White House and federal agencies have underscored the turmoil and incompetence of the administration and led to the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn this week.

Meanwhile, Trump thinks the real problem is the whistleblowers rather than the disturbing information they’ve surfaced, and he hasn’t stopped bragging about his election victory or his supporters’ “tremendous enthusiasm.”

Nothing to see here, indeed.



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