TIME Magazine's 2012 List Of Influential People, Nine Nominees Are Latinos

This week, TIME Magazine published it's list of nominees for "The 2012 TIME 100 Poll" of most influential people around the world. The list includes a diverse number of leaders, artists, innovators and icons. Readers can vote for or against anyone in the list. From 195 people, 100 will be declared as the most influential people in the world. Out of the 195 nominees, seven are Hispanic and two are Brazilian.

Colombian singer Shakira was recognized for bridging the gap between Latin American and the rest of the world. According to TIME Magazine, she has "inspired reluctant Latin moguls, not known for their generosity, to get on board with meaningful projects."

Shakira received a nomination for a Prince of Asturias Concord award earlier this year for her humanitarian work. The singer is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and founded the Barefoot Foundation, a non-profit devoted to making education universally available.

Comedian Louis C.K. who is half-Mexican, "has shown what a person can do on his own with technology and sheer talent." The comedian cut a deal with entertainment companies and now sells his comedy show online for $5.

Cuban-American GOP senator, Marco Rubio, is described by TIME Magazine as a shrewd and dynamic campaigner who if chosen to be the GOP's vice presidential candidate, might outshine the presidential nominee.

Also nominated is Brazilian Maria das Graças Silva Foster who was recently named the new CEO of Petrobras, Brazil's oil company. She is the first female CEO and the first woman to run the major oil company.

Das Graças Silva Foster was born and raised in the Morro do Adeus favela, which was until recently one of Rio’s biggest and most dangerous slums. As a child, she collected recyclable paper and cans to help support her family and buy her own schoolbooks. She joined Petrobras as an intern and worked her way up through the ranks. She was appointed for her CEO position by Brazil's first female president, Dilma Rousseff.

Spanish chef Jos&eacute Andr&eacutes is recognized not only for his culinary skills but for his "his collaboration with DC Central Kitchen, which fights hunger and poverty by teaching culinary job skills." The chef launched a non-profit World Central Kitchen - which aims to feed and empower vulnerable people in humanitarian crisis around the world.

Actor Fred Armisen, who's father is Venezuelan, was nominated along side "Portlandia" co-star Carrie Brownstein. TIME Magazine described "Portlandia" as one of the "most innovative things on television" and "the best mainstream expression yet of the beard-friendly, sustainable-everything zeitgeist that's creeping across the nation like free-range kudzu."

Argentinian soccer player Lionel Messi, who has been nominated two years in a row, is recognized this year for breaking the record as the all-time top scorer for Barcelona's soccer club and for becoming the first player in history to score five goals in a Champions League match.

Brazilian businessman Eike Batista is nominated for his crucial role in the Brazilian economic boom. TIME Magazine says "He's rare among Latin America's notoriously uncivic-minded superrich in that he makes a point of giving back to his nation, especially his adopted city of Rio de Janeiro, which he helped to snare the 2016 Olympics."

We congratulate these Latinos for being part of a list that recognizes people who influence the world. We are proud to see these nine individuals beside other who are recognized worldwide for their achievements.

But is the list missing other influential Latinos? Are there other figures who positively represent Latinos and should be recognized for their work? Let us know who you would want to see nominated in TIME Magazine's list in the comment section below!

The complete TIME Magazine 100 list will be chosen by TIME editors and revealed on Tuesday April 7.

Check out some of this year and last year's Latino nominees for TIME magazine Most Influential People: