50 Time-Saving Kitchen Hacks The World Needs To Know

You can make bacon with an iron.

The modern life is a busy one that demands hacks. Lots of hacks. There's a hack to cut cherry tomatoes faster. A hack to peel garlic. Even a hack to split an apple in half with your bare hands -- because who knows when you're going to find yourself without a knife and the need for a split apple. Today, we've found the holy grail for all of us hack-loving individuals in this one infographic by Kit Stone that shares not one, not 10, but 50 cooking hacks that are sure to make our busy lives just a little bit easier. Pretty great, right?

Hold on to your seats because we haven't even shared the best part of this infographic with you: it encourages us all to channel our inner Sam (Johnny Depp's character from the '90s film Benny & Joon) and teaches us how to cook bacon with an iron. And paninis too! If that obscure movie reference just went over your head, surely the joy of cooking bacon with an iron didn't. Happy hacking, folks!

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