9 Latino Recipes To Make In Under 20 Minutes

Try These 9 Time-Saving Latino Recipes

When I was a little girl, coming home from school meant two things; Homework first and then enjoying a delicious dinner, often made from scratch, by my abuelita or my mami. There are some days that I remember them starting the dinner prep as soon as I walked out the door to go to school. I just assumed when I was older, that I would do the same thing for my family. Well, now I am grown up with a family of my own, and only now do I think... how the hell did they do it?

Between work, my daughter's homework, the suggested "work" to help her do well in school, the groceries, the errands, the traffic... ay! By the time dinner rolls around, estoy cansada. Creating a delicious meal for my family that resembles anything close to what my abuelita and mami made is nearly impossible. Nearly, but not quite. Click through the slideshow below for 10 mouthwatering, Latin Inspired recipes from some of my favorite Latina Food Bloggers. The best part? They are all made in under 20 mins!

Spicy Mexican Chorizo Zucchini Frittata

9 Time-Saving Latino Recipes

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