Time to Abolish Time

Time to Abolish Time
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There may be a simple solution to most of our problems. It's time to abolish time! Your first instinct is probably to scoff at such an idea. What nonsense, surely time is necessary for everything. But if you can pry yourself for a moment from all the things the dozens of clocks that surround you right now tell you to do and just think about it for a little longer -- what benefit does the idea and practice of time really bring to our lives?

Sure, time is how we know when to stop dreaming and to get up for work or for whatever else that's going to eat up most of our day. Time is how we know when the hour of the week is when we can finally play with our kids. Time is how we know when the game/show/something that'll briefly take us away from the slavery to time is starting. Time is how we tell how long we've been alive and how much we got left.

There are all kinds of ways time is utilized but are any of them bringing us much peace and joy? Yes, there are temporary joys. But that's why they are temporary -- because we know how to judge when they should end and the mundane "crapola" is to begin. The greatest benefit of time seems to be in facilitating industrial activity. But for whose benefit is all that hubbub?

Maybe if it wasn't so flagellated by the whips of time, our society could come up with much better things. We'd do what we want for how long we want whenever we want. It sounds crazy, but only because we judge it by the only model we've known. At the core of it, we are basically dead the moment we are born. Just because we are taught the knowledge of time. It's like an incurable disease one generation of humanity passes on to another. Without that yoke, who knows what incredible dimensions we might experience. And with that -- happy New Year!

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