Time to Build some Confidence

Confidence. It's everything.

You might be well-educated. You may even have a great resume. But without confidence, it's unlikely that you will excel professionally.

By excel, I mean acquire a high paying job, achieve leadership positions faster than the majority of your colleagues, or grow a company into a successful venture.

Confidence. Easier said than done. Millennials have been raised in an era where complacency and laziness dominates the playing field. Reading and comprehension levels among our generation are lower than what they should be, and our numerical skills are well below the OECD average.

These are core skills, needed for self-development. Public education in America will teach you these skills, but it's your responsibility to continuously improve upon them.

Reading, comprehension, and arithmetic are by no means the only skills worthy of development. In fact, they're just the start. I could easily add tech, language, and finance to the mix.

Your skills define you. The stronger your skills become, the more confidence you will exhibit. Strong core skills, desired by many, give you career options and a feeling of abundance. Employers and clients can detect that feeling easily. It's synonymous with confidence.

So, which skills should you improve? Which ones are most necessary to career growth? Well, if you haven't read the War of Art yet, then sadly my friend, you are missing out. It's a straightforward philosophy. Follow the Resistance. Ever have that feeling of "butterflies in your stomach" before a major decision, speech, or event? Excellent, you've found your resistance. Now, the reason you're feeling that is because: (1) most humans operate from the viewpoint that the resistance is harmful, and (2) your skills in this area could use improvement.

Identify the resistance, follow it, and then continuously build up the skills around it. You'll gain confidence, and achieve more.