'Time To Choose': Watch The New Film From Oscar-Winner Charles Ferguson

In a special event, you can watch the important new climate change film, "Time to Choose," from Oscar-winning filmmaker Charles Ferguson.

UPDATED 12/2: The streaming period has ended. Please watch a clip from the film above.

The Huffington Post is thrilled to bring you the new film from Oscar-winning filmmaker Charles Ferguson, "Time to Choose."

"Time to Choose" takes on one of the most pressing issues of our time, global climate change, and examines the main contributing factors to this worldwide phenomenon, and what we can do to alleviate this crisis. The film makes the case that we can combat climate change; that we have the tools and the knowledge to begin doing so right now.

In a special event, readers can view the entire film above for the next 48 hours. This coincides with the beginning of the UN climate change conference in France, Paris COP21. You can check out HuffPost's coverage of the conference here.

The film, which debuted this past September at the Telluride Film Festival, will be screened at two special events in Paris during the UN climate change conference (aka COP21). Watch the full film above.

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