Time To Choose Who Has The Better Arepa, Colombia Or Venezuela?

Welcome to the hungry games!

Arepas are a delicious staple in both Colombia and Venezuela, but the corn-based food can take drastically different forms depending on who is preparing it. Thus, the age-old question remains: which country does arepas better?

The brave people at The Flama sought to answer that question in a recent video. Arepa enthusiasts were asked to pick their favorite and Chef Gustavo Montes gave a quick description of how Colombian and Venezuelan arepas differ:  

Colombian arepas [are] more of a sweet corn flavor profile. It’s just basically a thin arepa with melted cheese in the middle. Venezuelan arepas went from a rounder more savory bread-like arepa to an entirely new cuisine after the ‘50s, when they just started making it more into a sandwich.

Team Colombia and team Venezuela also make a case for their own arepas, with some pointing to the numerous varieties of arepas that exist in Colombia to others who gush over the many fillings that can be found in Venezuelan arepas.

Watch arepa lovers explain why they think Venezuelan or Colombian arepas are the best in the video above. And may the odds be ever in your flavor! 

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