Time to Flex

There are two guys in San Diego right now who are making a difference with their time, and if you're lucky, your time too. Meet Travis and Trevor, they have taken telling time to a whole new level.

Watches are everywhere, they come in all shapes in sizes, but how many give something back? Social entrepreneurship is alive and well at Flex. Travis Lubinsky and Trevor Jones have created a great product that's fun, has interchangeable parts and also help impoverished children.

In 2011 Travis and Trevor decided that they wanted to create a product that was fun and socially responsible. Enter Flex watches... Flex watches are unique because the watch and the band are all interchangeable. There are 400 possible configurations. Their watches have a very lightweight and minimalist design plus they look cool. Each watch purchased feeds five hungry kids. How can you beat that? Hint: you can't.

Long time friends since child hood, Travis and Trevor knew that they needed to make a product that was fun, exciting and had a great cause behind it. They had both just graduated college, and while they had both started their own successful service-oriented companies in college, they wanted to create something new, something different. Travis and Trevor are a great team, a quality that is very unique. They each bring something to the table. My interest in them stemmed from their great teamwork and their partnership.

Finding the right partners isn't easy. I know, I have great business partners and they don't grow on trees. Travis and Trevor have all the earmarks of a great team; they are both different. Most people think that great partners need to see eye to eye on everything, while I think that's true for over all vision and fiduciary matters, but the reason you have partners is to bring the best part of each person to the table everyday.

Feeding people is a passion of mine and I love anyone who cares enough to do something about it. Flex has provided 20,000 meals since 2011. It's a great start to a big problem.

Great guys, great product and a great cause don't often meet. Social responsibility is a growing concern and these guys are making it happen. After meeting them at a licensing convention in Las Vegas last month, I have been fascinated and enthralled with them, their product and their cause. I have to say, that Flex is a brand after my own heart.