Time to Shine Like Never Before!

(Photo credit: Peter J. Hughes)

"The only response to the chaos of these times is to show up with more light." - Gabby Bernstein

Since the election, emotions have been running high and anxiety levels are through the roof!

How're you holding up?

For me, it's been challenging.

I've been experiencing unexpected surges of emotions ranging from anger to sadness to acceptance to sadness again.

And then I'd be in the grocery store with angry thoughts banging around in my head only to snap out of it and realize that I was in the produce section.

I feel like I've been on a roller coaster ride, however, I'm holding on for dear life instead of the usual raising my hands in the air and exclaiming with joy!

So I ask myself, "What changed?"

The election results is the obvious answer, however, that's too easy - too convenient. Something deeper.

The "deeper" is what has been covered up, ignored, and denied. Wars have gone on, we have normalized greed, we have allowed our fellow humans to starve and to live in poverty, and we have turned on each other because of our "differences". We have subscribed to the falsehood that we're separate and have bought into the "us against them" mentality.

And the results of the election brought it all to the surface.

Bigotry, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism and misogyny are now out in the open, and here's the thing...

It's always been there. We've just gotten complacent, resting in the convenience of it being "hidden", especially if it didn't "apply" to us.

And then the bubble burst. POP!

We really are all connected, and everything applies to us, because we are One.

I know that with each day after the election, I was finding it challenging to manage my energy, to remember what's Real, and to not allow myself to get sucked up into the vortex of hate and fear.

I felt so much sadness, and I wanted so badly to check out...

But the bubble had burst, and there was no going back for me. Only inward.

And I found myself having resistance to that!

And yet I knew that I was incarnate for these extraordinary times of loving all that has been brought to the surface.

But I didn't want to!

And because it is all out in the open, it can no longer fester. It can now be healed.


By loving all the manifestations of hate and fear and loving everyone I perceive as impossible to love.

Where do I start?

In the present moment with the intention of showing up with more light.

I looked through my Facebook feed with the intention of finding gems of inspiration, and through the density, I find quite a few!

I saw that quite a few people had the ability to articulate thoughtful, calm and fair responses even while being "hammered" with defensiveness.

I saw original artwork from a friend of mine who posts from the other side of the world, sharing beautiful images of his creations as well as pictures of his family.

I saw activism ignite with passion and vision, sharing resources, petitions to sign and numbers to call to stand for love and equality.

I saw videos of children giving to those who are less fortunate.

And, on one day when I was really struggling, I specifically asked for something to uplift me out of my funk.

And it showed up - a post shared from another friend. It was a video of Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith from the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles speaking at his Wednesday service the day after the election.

I used to listen to him every Sunday, and it had been awhile.

I immediately played it, and as I listened, I could feel myself exhale, remember, and get back into alignment with my authentic self.

I shifted from fear to Love and I was so grateful.

All the gems of light shared on Facebook helped me not only reclaim my light but shine it even brighter.

That, and I was gifted with visiting with a neighbor for a few days in a row whose family was on vacation. Our conversations uplifted me.

What are you doing to show up with more light? What has shifted when you do?

For me, it's not allowing what Rev. Michael Beckwith refers to as the "Media of Mass Distraction" to deter me from keepin' my shine on!

How about you? I'd love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below to add to the collective wisdom.

The more we share our light, the more we inspire each other to do and be the same.

Let's light up this whole world! What d'ya say?