Time to Step Up: Take Control of Your Internet Privacy

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They say that nothing ever gets deleted from the Internet. Well, there are many things we wish we could, just reflect back on this past Presidential election. You may think you can delete some information you feel you want removed, but are you sure it’s removed from all drives? How can you keep private stuff really private?

Privacy over the various Internet domains remains a concern for many even though we keep broadening our social media horizons. Over the years, social platforms have kept changing the policies that have been designed to protect our personal information. However, it can’t be ignored that we are not as protected by these policies as it seems. Many examples can be quoted in this regard; take Facebook, there was a time when we could hide our profile pictures but now all we can do is prevent comments from strangers.

Rapid Technology Developments

On one hand, we cannot deny the immense benefits of technology we are enjoying. The Internet is the most visible example of how technology has developed over the years. We are now more connected than ever before and we can accomplish tasks in a few seconds.

Sadly, on the other hand, the high dependence on technology is also affecting us in a negative way. We can safely say that some of the technology tricks have left us exposed.

There are applications that are tracking our locations. We have third party applications gathering our data. We have Google keeping tabs on us so that it can improve our Internet experience. We have too much information running unprotected in the background. Although, it can’t be said with a solid evidence that authenticated and mainstream websites are manipulating our data but what about cybercrimes and nosy people who stalk? All it takes is enthusiastic curiosity and a bit of tweaking and your basic data will be accessible if not details. Recent hacks have shown millions of users just how vulnerable we all are, especially when information leaked can damage careers, relationships and reputations.

Therefore, are we exposing too many personal details for the sake of smoother online experiences?

Eroding Internet Privacy

A recent report from Freedom House has indicated that social media websites are under increased scrutiny, especially messaging applications like WhatsApp. People are losing their freedom to express opinions about topics like politics, democracy and religion.

According to the report, many governments are passing laws in order to boost national security, but these laws limit privacy and promote broad surveillance.

A Force to Reckon With

Fortunately, there are new creations hitting the market that allow us to turn the odds in our favor. A new product I recently discovered is Daplie , your personal cloud, which gives people more privacy as they create a personal space over the Internet.

Daplie wants you to take back the Internet. It’s the world’s first in-home server for anyone who wants to take control of their internet. Users can host their own website without giving rights to any third party cloud service. This new cloud technology allows syncing, uploading and accessing the platform from various devices and public connections.

I encourage everyone to try Daplie so you can finally maintain complete ownership. Other benefits are you have plenty of storage space, complete privacy, and you can decide who to share your data with. Additionally, all your pictures, music, work documents and even movies are at your fingertips without those annoying monthly fees.

With the entire privacy situation getting out of our hands and dealing with authority like governmental issues, we definitely have a greater need to come up with solutions. It is time to step up and reinforce the idea of user privacy over the Internet.

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