Time to Stop Judging and Boycotting

And start understanding and communicating.

In America, especially online, the moment someone disagrees with us we call them names. Idiot, how can you not vote for____________. Stop voting against your own interests. If you refuse to vote for___________ get ready for President ___________. The names don't so much matter as it is being used on all sides.

Instead of talking to people and learning what they want, or are afraid of, why they align with one or the other candidate, and then teaching them how another might better align with their ideas, we insult and try to shame others into thinking our way.

It's not helpful. How many people have you unfriended or outright blocked because of political differences?

How helpful are we being when we back North Carolina into a corner? Entertainers now consider it vogue to boycott. Industry is doing the same. Do we really want a state filled with disenfranchised, unemployed people who no longer have any Facebook friends because of this law? Do we really think this is the way to amend laws?

Why not have an open discussion about what is behind it?

For every meme you post of two trans who can obviously pass, there are hundreds more that are in a different place in their transition and still very strongly appear as the sex they don't feel they are.

Maybe we can discuss likelihood. If .03 percent of the U.S. population identifies as trans then it becomes less likely that you will ever encounter this situation you fear.

I had an actual conversation with a woman in North Carolina, the widow of a farmer friend, she supports this law. Her reason, she goes to the YWCA and the showers are one big room with heads. She thinks that if restrooms are the starting point these (her words) "Men with tits and dicks are going to be coming in the shower."

Does she have a point?

If so what is the answer?

Private showers?

Okay, who pays to retrofit all of these showers so that .03 of the population becomes more comfortable?

At NYSC in the UWS both the FTM and the MTF use the men's locker room because the women won't tolerate either.

The FTM is well accepted and encouraged, the MTF is treated like garbage. If she dares use the steam room she leaves in tears. Men have a difficult time accepting what they consider to be a man who is going to cut his dick off.

I don't much care. I am in Europe right now and men and women share sauna with very little to no clothes. To me, it is not a big deal.

To others it is. However our polarizing insulting, backing into a corner style of communication is not going to help.

If we don't start talking to each other, sharing information, calming fears and doing so without attacks, the U.S. will become even more ugly and polarized than it already is.

Is that what you want America?