Time To Take 'Fringe' Out Of Alt-Right White Power

The term "fringe" in describing the Alt-Right, KKK, and American Neo-Nazi, Neofascist movements, has passed. As President-Elect Donald J. Trump prepares to arrive in the White House, CNN reports that Trump is seriously considering bringing Breitbart News publisher Stephen Bannon on board as his Chief of Staff, which would be the first time in American history an open and avowed supporter of neofascism occupied a position in the White House.

The Alt-Right is a conglomeration of white supremacists who believe that 'polticial correctness' and 'social justice' degrade 'their' America, "respectible racism," as Wired dubs it.

"We're the platform for the alt-right," Bannon told Mother Jones' David Korn at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in July, speaking of his publication, Breitbart News Network, the dog-whistlers of white power and white nationalism in America and the UK.

While the late Andrew Breitbart was declaratively anti-racist, Mother Jones reports:

"Under Bannon's leadership, the site has plunged into the fever swamps of conservatism, cheering white nationalist groups as an "eclectic mix of renegades," accusing President Barack Obama of importing "more hating Muslims," and waging an incessant war against the purveyors of "political correctness."

The Alt-Right helped elect Donald Trump. The media's account of Trump's unusually strong showing in the Rust Belt and the South with mostly blue collar and poor rural whites was that he voiced their anger about the loss of non-degree jobs in manufacturing and trades. Perhaps. How he channeled the extensive networks of Alt-Right pundits, websites, message boards, and organizations like the Klu Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party to get out the vote. Trump refused to disavow the KKK and other hate groups.

The Klan operated Trump get out the vote operations in Southern and Rustbelt states, distributing flyers like this:

Other messages included distortions aimed at Black Lives Matter:

As well as an anti-Transgender flyer in Towne Lake, Georgia.

The American Nazi Party turned out votes for Trump, seeing an opportunity to mainstream. Chairman Rocky Suhayda told the Guardian that Trump's victory would be "a real opportunity for people like white nationalists to start 'acting intelligently', with the aim of building a mainstream political presence similar to that of the Congressional Black Caucus."

"It's kinda hard to go and call us bigots," said party chairman Rocky Suhayda, "If we don't go around and act like a bigot."

Increased rural support, and with middle and upper class voters who responded to Trump's race and gender baiting, lifted Trump in the toss-up states.

Now they will be watching to see that they get their due, and Bannon, Dog-Whistler-In-Chief, whether inside the White House or out, is responsible for pulling together the resources for Trump's surprise win, and is owed.

"It is now up to us to keep the heat on Congress and Trump, to fulfill the promises that were made by Mr. Trump," writes Oath Keepers' Shorty Dawkins. "We have won a battle, but not the war against globalism. We cannot rest."

America has crashed through the "Overton Window" named after a former vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, an ultra-conservative think-tank sponsored by Tea Party-stokers like AmWay's DeVos family, among others.

The concept is that the "window" of what is politically acceptable can be moved, as liberals did in the 1960s and 1970s, so it can also be moved increasingly rightward.

Trump's election win proves that the window has been moved to a place where, what once was fringe thinking, is now capturing more white Americans. The Great Recession left its scars on rust belt and rural communities, and both Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party ignored them, to the peril of not only their election hopes, but to the preventing American fascism from going mainstream.

While Reince Priebus also is vying for the Chief of Staff position, Bannon, in the White House, or with Trump's ear, is the pipeline to neo fascists who went from fringe obscurity to the gateway of power at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. What that means for America's policies which white nationalists deem "politically correct" remains to be seen. AltRight 'founder' Richard Spencer's movement, part hipster, part jackboot, has used Trump to reshape the poltiical dialogue in America radically rightward. It could alter or permanently damage the very nature of our democracy.