Time to Talk to Iran

Time to Talk to Iran
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For those who still believe that calling congressmen and expressing one's views can be beneficial, there will be a national mobilization tomorrow on the subject of dialogue with Iran. The Campaign for a New American Policy on Iran has gathered together a number of sponsoring groups from all across the political spectrum who are united in believing that negotiations with Iran should begin immediately and without preconditions to avert a war that would be disastrous for everyone involved. Those who wish to support the effort should call their congressmen tomorrow, June 10th to make the point that the American people believe that negotiations are better than war.

Those who live in the Washington area might be interested in participating in a related 10 am through 2 pm media event on the west front of the Canon House Office building with the capitol building serving as a backdrop. A phone bank will be set up enabling interested Americans to speak to Iranians directly, presumably Iranians who speak English or it will be a rather labored exchange. Doug Bandow and I will be present along with a number of other policy wonks who will be available to discuss the Iran issue.

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