Time to Wake up and Fight for the Climate

Today is the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks--the anniversary of when the United States "woke up" from denial and isolationism and mobilized for total victory. Donald Trump's election has been a 'Pearl Harbor moment' for many Americans who are waking up to the climate and political crises in this country and are ready to engage in new ways. The grassroots organization, The Climate Mobilization is working to harness that energy into political power for emergency-scale climate action.

Six weeks ago I hosted an event for The Climate Mobilization in my backyard introducing our neighbors, colleagues and friends to the concept of emergency WWII-scale climate mobilization. Even when we were expecting a Clinton Presidency, we knew that the climate crisis was going to be the fight of our lives. Much has changed in those 6 weeks-- for The Climate Mobilization and for the United States. The need for emergency climate response is stronger than ever.

Wesley Clark Jr., who delivered inspiring remarks at the event, has been making headlines by leading a peaceful deployment of over 2,000 veterans to support the Standing Rock Sioux in their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Army Corps of Engineers couldn't handle that kind of heat, and announced the denial of an easement pipeline construction. Wes has proven himself capable of leading on the national stage. It will be thrilling to watch his next moves in building power for emergency climate mobilization.

The Climate Mobilization message continues to spread and be picked up by other organizations and influencers. 350.org has committed to campaigning on a WWII-scale climate mobilization platform. The grassroots organization Brand New Congress, which plans to run more than 400 candidates in 2018 on one unified platform has announced that that platform highlights a "WWII-scale mobilization that brings the US to 100% renewables in 10 years".

California is emerging as a key arena for pushing climate mobilization. Governor Brown has stated that this level of response is necessary. One of The Climate Mobilization's earliest and most ardent supporters was elected to Mayor of San Luis Obispo on a climate and zero-emissions platform. The Climate Mobilization is also working with members of the Los Angeles city council who are interested in pioneering the rapid transition.

I hope you join me by joining and supporting this exceptional group or by advocating for emergency climate action in other ways. Its past time.

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