Time Warner Cable Down Across The Country, Twitter Reacts Accordingly

UPDATE: 8:50 A.M. -- A spokesperson for Time Warner Cable says that service has largely been restored. "Most if not all should be back online now," Time Warner Cable's Bobby Amirshahi told The Huffington Post.


Time Warner Cable seems to be down nationwide, causing Internet outage throughout most of the country.

The official Time Warner Cable Twitter account hasn't addressed the issue yet, having tweeted about a filmmaking contest eight hours ago and nothing since. Time Warner Cable's online customer care team addressed the issue just now, nearly an hour since complaints began surfacing on Twitter:

TWC's website seems to show a spike in reported problems since the early morning hours:


While this Time Warner outage map shows both east and west coasts heavily affected:

The hashtag #timewarnercable started quickly trending, as many took to Twitter to air their grievances, spread the news or poke fun at the company:

An updated outage map as of 7:25 a.m. EST shows TWC in some areas is still down, particularly in the northeast, while most of the country is back up:

Meanwhile, in an unfortunate case of a surely pre-scheduled tweet, the official TWC account promoted UFC 177 in the midst of its outage (and subsequent Internet outrage):

Time Warner Cable said that the service disruption was due to a problem during network maintenance. Brian Stelter of CNN has tweeted TWC's statement regarding the outage, writing:

This is a developing story, check back for updates.



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