The Time You Have, Explained With Jelly Beans (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jelly Beans Have Never Been So Inspirational

Who knew jelly beans could be so inspirational?

Turns out the sweet treat takes on a certain heft -- both figuratively and literally -- when you see 28,835 of them all in one place. In a video uploaded by YouTube power-user ZeFrank late last month, the jelly beans are used to spell out just how precious the time is we have in this life.

The massive pile of beans represents the average American life span -- a single bean for each day. "You might have more beans in your life, or maybe less, but on average, this is the time we have," ZeFrank explains in a voice-over.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the video breaks down how most of our jelly beans are spent: 8,477 beans for sleeping, 1,635 beans for eating or drinking-related activities and 3,202 jelly beans for working. An additional 1,099 jelly beans are spent in a car, while 2,676 are allotted for staring at a television and 1,576 are slated for random household chores.

The list continues until ZeFrank ends with slightly fewer than 3,000 jelly beans. Those are the beans we have left to do with what we please -- and never have they seemed so sweet.

WATCH the video, above.

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