TimeFest 2011: The Most Intense Timelapse Ever (VIDEO)

Nature just got a little bit more extreme.

We've seen our share of incredible time-lapses, but this one certainly takes the cake in terms of party music. With a soundtrack like this, this is probably the only nature video we might dance to.

However, this might just be the tip of the iceberg.

As the video's description states, this is just a quick edit of a few time-lapses taken at what the group calls TimeFest 2011. The videos were taken by Vince Laforet, Carson Garner, Tom Lowe, Tom Guilmette, Dr Kanab and Shawn Reeder during the event and compiled by Eric Kessler to create "Time Escape."

If you like the video below, be sure to check out this stunning Milky Way time-lapse.