Timehack: 5 Delicious Dishes, Less Than 20 Minutes of Your Day

It's totally possible to eat a fun and varied diet with just a quick trip to the grocery store and minimal prep-time in the kitchen.
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We're all slammed. Family, job, Little League, errands, car trouble, furiously typing 140 characters on social media - and the neverending desire to spend a few minutes in the park with your toes in the grass. Who has time to cook? You do! It's totally possible to eat a fun and varied diet with just a quick trip to the grocery store and minimal prep-time in the kitchen. Here are five recipes to have you well fed and out the door in time to catch that concert you've been looking forward to for, like, ever!


Not only does this spicy (and slightly sweet) chicken dish taste amazing, you may find yourself with a productive outlet for your road-rage from that 12 MPH rush-hour trip home. After sprinkling your spices on top of the chicken, cover with parchment paper and bash the flavor in with a meat tenderizer or rolling pin (crowbar not recommended).
Total Cooking Time: 12 Minutes


When summer has truly set in, and you feel the heat of a thousand suns after ten steps outside, the last thing you want to do is cook heavy, complex dinners. This pasta is the epitome of quick and simple. Who knew the flavors of lemon and Pecorino Romano would go so well together? "Tart" and "Umami" sound like cartoon superheroes.
Total Cooking Time: 20 Minutes


Can you buy vegetables at the grocery store? Do you have access to a blender or food processor? If you answered 'yes' to both of these questions, you can totally make this gazpacho recipe. There are absolutely zero cooking skills necessary to make this cooling, punchy and refreshing summer classic soup.
Total Cooking Time: 15 Minutes


This can be a healthy lunch or light dinner salad if you're watching your intake this summer. But, oh... it is tasty! The lemon / rosemary combination is so addictive that you'll be typing 20-minute "meetings" into your Google calendar on the regular. No one has to know these meetings are really you just making salad.
Total Cooking Time: 20 Minutes


It is common to eat hot soup in Asia in the summer. Soup makes you sweat, and sweating cools you off. But what if you just want a cooling yet savory dish - sans the whole shirt-drenching drill? This ramen dish is served dry with spicy, savory ground pork as the star. Korean Ssamjang and sesame oil bring a depth of flavor that usually takes the better part of a day to develop.
Total Cooking Time: 17 Minutes

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