Timeless Rules For Happiness

Can you imagine a life without the Internet? To say it would be drastically different would be an understatement.

My generation was the first to grow up using computers and the Internet. We can bookmark cool websites for later viewing, email interesting articles to friends, post inspirational quotes on our Facebook or Twitter profiles, "favorite" amusing videos to come back to later, and drag pictures we find online onto our desktops.

Our parents and grandparents did not grow up with the Internet. If they wanted to share something intriguing they saw with friends or save it to look at later, they had to get out a pen and a piece of paper and copy it down. This idea seems archaic to us.

My mother's father copied down these 10 rules of happiness over 40 years ago, probably so he could look back to them every now and then and share them with his family and friends. Despite things like cellphones and the Internet, these basic guidelines can still be applied to daily life and will continue to be relevant for years to come.

June 12, 1966

Timeless Rules for Happiness